Fairwyn Developments Limited

Fairwyn Developments Limited was incorporated in 1991 and is one of Atlantic Canada’s leading development consulting and project management firms.  Under the leadership of Kirk MacCulloch, the Fairwyn group of companies has overseen the development of more than 2.5 million square feet of private and public sector projects having a value of approximately $500 million.  Many of these developments are included in the Projects page of this website.

Fairwyn specializes in providing development consulting and project management services to larger projects that require a sophisticated level of planning, stakeholder consultation, integration of diverse components and sometimes structured off-balance-sheet financing.  Fairwyn takes pride in its well deserved reputation for expertise and professionalism, and for delivering successful projects on time and even more importantly on budget.

The development portfolio also embraces over a dozen successful Public-Private Partnership projects, including nine schools and two city halls.  The O’Connell Drive Elementary School in Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, was awarded the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships’ 1998 National Award for Innovation and Excellence.